The Crimson Review Story

Crimson Review was started in 1986 by William H. Wood. After receiving a BA from Harvard (magna cum laude), he earned his law degree from Villanova Law School. While he attended law school, Bill tutored part-time, and discovered that he liked teaching more than lawyering. Thus, Crimson review was born, and has served thousands of students over the last thirty years.

We expect our students to succeed. When the SAT was last a 2-score test, over 85% of our students improved 100 points or more. We expect similar results with the current version of the test. Our students have been accepted at all the most selective schools in the country, including all the Ivy League colleges.

Over the years, we have refined our approach to the SAT and ACT. We use group classes to introduce test taking strategies, understand content, and review foundational skills and knowledge. We use one-on-one sessions to cover individual needs with students, whether that is some extra algebra, tips on reading questions, or methods to reduce test anxiety. We also give students a variety of materials to continue their study outside of our classrooms, and are always available for questions.

If you have any questions or would like more information on what our courses cover or options for your student, please give me a call.

Craig Miller
Director, Crimson Review