ACT Essay Coaching in Havertown, PA

Strong scores on the ACT college entrance exam can be a big factor in your student’s dream school admission. But recent changes to the ACT brought a whole new set of concerns and obstacles, sending students’ stress levels skyrocketing. After decades of inspiring students to reach their full potential, Crimson Review is confident that we’ve cracked the code for coaching students to excel on the ACT essay section.

Discover The Crimson Review Advantage To The ACT Essay

While it may seem daunting, students can achieve high scores on the ACT essay with some help from Crimson Review’s comprehensive test prep program. Crimson Review designs and implements an innovative approach to assist all students throughout Malvern, Wallingford, and Havertown with their development as both confident and effective writers. From the initial brainstorming sessions to the proofreading the final copy and everything in between, Crimson Review knows how to unlock the hidden writer in each student.

Our tutors represent some of the brightest minds in the industry. You can feel secure knowing that each tutor has been meticulously pre-screened and approved, adhering to the most stringent requirements. The resulting quality of instruction remains unmatched by our competition. Our tutors have an affinity for teaching and know how to adapt to each student’s unique set of strengthens, weakness, personality, and goals.

Another Look At The ACT Essay Section

After completing the first four sections of the ACT, students can tackle the optional essay section. The revised ACT Writing section consists of a 40-minute essay that features one prompt, requiring each student to analyze a complex issue and provide three separate perspectives on the issue.

The ACT Writing Test is scored on a scale of 2-12 and will be graded by two readers. Students receive four scores from 2-12 in the categories of Ideas and Analysis, Development and Support, Organization, and Language Use and Conventions. The overall score will be the rounded average of the four domain scores. Since the ACT Writing Test is optional, the essay score does not affect the composite ACT score.

We accept students from across the Main Lane area and beyond. Come experience what sets Crimson Review apart from other tutors by visiting one of our convent locations in Wayne and Malvern. The ACT will be here before you know it. Help your child prepare by calling 610.688.6441.

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