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Well, Now What?

It’s been an unreal week for nearly everyone in the past week.  We went from keeping an eye on things, to cautionary measures, to mass closings and social distancing in a very, very short time.  Everyone has been impacted, and our students taking the SAT and ACT are no exception.  With the cancellation of the March and May SATs and the April ACT, it’s left a lot of students and parents wondering what to do next.  Here’s what we’re recommending for students currently:

  • For juniors who either don’t have a score yet, or a score they would not be happy about submitting to schools, we recommend registering for the June test date as soon as possible.  There’s very little downside to doing so; if it gets canceled as well then you will receive a full refund.  It is likely the test centers will fill up very quickly once it’s clear the tests are going ahead, though, so best to be ahead of the game here.
  • We’re of the belief that students will not be back in school in a week and a half (some are already delayed until mid-April).  While no one likes being stuck at home, it does present an incredibly rare and valuable opportunity for students to polish the skills for their college admissions test without the normal competition of all the other things they have going on in their lives.  When the next test is administered, there will be two groups of students:  those that took advantage of this opportunity, and those who did not.  This will be clearly reflected in the scores!
  • Now is actually a great time to get started for the June test dates – it gives students plenty of time to work through everything, but not so much time they forget about it.  For those students who already prepared for the March test but didn’t get to take it, it can be a time of continued improvement.

To take advantage of this time, we’re offering 1-1 in-person or virtual instruction (with the option to be switch between the two at any point based on changing circumstances) for students.  For those students visiting our centers, be assured that we are frequently sanitizing all surfaces and following all best practice recommendations by health authorities.

We’re here to support our students as best we can.  This is unchartered territory for all of us.  If there’s something you feel that we’re not addressing or something additional that we can do to support your student(s), please do not hesitate to reach out.  We welcome the dialogue and feedback.

Be safe and well!