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College Admissions

Here is the good news about college admissions:  almost every student who wants to go to a 4-year college or university will be able to do so.  There is a school (maybe many!) that will fit with a student’s GPA, test scores, and academic ability.  There are many different factors that make a school and a student a good fit, and the selectivity or reputation of a particular institution is only a small part of that.  The information below is a subset of colleges and universities that are frequently applied to by our students; this is by no means an exhaustive list. Need help navigating through the college admissions process? Students living in Wayne, Malvern, and Radnor, PA can receive best-in-class help from Crimson Review’s team of expert tutors.

Please note: this information is correct to the best of our knowledge.  College admissions policies and data are constantly changing, so please contact the admissions departments of schools directly to confirm all admissions policies.

College Acceptance Rates:  How to Read Our Table

  • The acceptance rate is the percent of students who applied last year who were admitted
  • The GPA is the average (mean). This represents the middle range, it is NOT a floor
  • The SAT and ACT scores show the 25th and 75th percentiles for students who were admitted. As an example, last year Penn State admitted roughly 20,000 students directly from high school (with about 1/3 enrolling).  Of those admissions, 5000 students scored below a 1250 on the SAT and 5000 scored above a 1430, with the other 10,000 in between those two scores.
  • While being at the top end of the ranges listed here definitely helps with admissions, if the rest of the factors are strong enough students can still gain admittance to schools if their scores are a little out of the range.
UniversityAcceptance RateGPASATACTEssayInterviewsRecommendations
American University46%3.71240 – 139027 – 32RequiredOptionalRequired
Bryn Mawr
41%3.91330 – 151029 – 33RequiredOptionalRequired


31%3.51220 – 144028 – 31RequiredNoneRequired
Cornell University14%4.01390 – 154032 – 34RequiredOptionalRequired
Georgetown University15%4.01370 – 154031 – 34RequiredRequiredRequired
Harvard University6%4.01470 – 160032 – 35RequiredRecommendedRequired
Haverford College19%4.01400 – 156031 – 34RequiredRecommendedRequired
NYU35%3.71250 – 148028 – 32RecommendedOptionalRecommended
Penn State University50%3.61250 – 143028 – 32RequiredNoneNone
Swarthmore College17%4.01380 – 154031 – 34RequiredRecommendedRequired
Temple University56%3.61120 – 133023 – 29RequiredNoneNone
University of Colorado –
84%3.61180 – 137026 – 31RequiredOptionalRequired
University of Delaware66%3.71200 – 135025 – 30RequiredOptionalRequired
University of Pennsylvania10%3.91450 – 159032 – 35RequiredOptionalRequired
University of Pittsburgh53%4.01280 – 142028 – 33RecommendedNoneRecommended
University of Richmond32%3.81360 – 149031 – 33RequiredOptionalRequired
University of Virginia29%4.21220 – 150031 – 34RequiredNoneRequired
Villanova University49%4.21380 – 149031 – 34RequiredNoneRequired
West Chester University59%3.41060 – 124021 – 26RequiredRequired for some programsNone


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