Covid-19 Testing Updates

Starting with the cancellation of the March 13th 2020 SAT administration, things have been changing rapidly in the standardized testing environment.  This page is updated frequently with the latest information on each of the main standardized tests.

Our primary concern is the safety of our students.  To that end, we have the following protocols in place:

  • Students may take any practice tests or 1-1 sessions virtually
  • Masks are required at all times of all people in our offices
  • Hard surfaces are disinfected after each student / class
  • Air purifiers are in use at all times in our offices
  • Group classes have reduced capacity to allow distance at all times between students and instructors
  • All in-person 1-1 sessions are held in our large classrooms, and only 1 student is in the office at a time

Standardized Test Updates

The latest news on each of the tests


As of now, all upcoming test dates are still scheduled.  Tests are dependent upon the school being open.

  • Next test dates:
    • March 13
    • May 8
    • June 5
    • Some schools will also have in-school test days in the spring (TBD)
  • Find out what students planning on taking the SAT should do:  SAT Test-Takers Next Steps
  • See the College Board’s latest updates here.


As of now, all upcoming test dates are still scheduled.  Tests are dependent upon the school being open.

  • Next test dates:
    • February 6
    • April 17
    • June 12
  • Registration for the winter/spring tests is open now.
  • Find out what students planning on taking the ACT should do:  ACT Test-Takers Next Steps
  • See the ACT Org’s latest update here.

College Admissions

This is a chaotic time for students, parents, and higher education institutions alike.

  • Some schools are relaxing requirements for standardized tests – see here, here, or here
  • Some schools are keeping requirements exactly the same – for instance, here
  • In this environment, strong test scores can be more valuable than ever – see more about this here
  • Financial aid at some schools may be tougher to come by next year (see here), but other schools may need to lower the cost to keep enrollment numbers up (see here)
  • Colleges are going to have to update how they assess students as grades become less accurate predictors – see here.
  • Some colleges are making the shift to online in the fall, while most are wait-and-see.  Find an updated list of announced school plans here.


For the ISEE:

  • In-person tests at testing centers are currently suspended
  • The ERB (makers of the ISEE) is offering an in-home option.
  • There are requirements around devices a student can take the test on, and the environment.  The software locks down the computer and the student is watched on a web cam for the duration of the test.
  • Some in-person test centers have now re-opened.


For the SSAT:

  • Some test sites have re-opened.
  • The EMA is providing an at-home testing option.  However, it seems to be not keeping up with demand currently, as testing slots are limited.


For the HSPT:

  • STS has not indicated any options for in-home testing to date
  • As the test is administered by schools (typically in the fall), they are likely banking on schools being back in session this fall
  • Any questions about test dates should be directed to the individual school(s) a student is applying to