SAT Summer Bootcamp 2019

The Crimson Review Summer Bootcamp is an intensive period of study designed to prepare students for the August 24th SAT exam.  Students will learn all the components of the SAT, the strategies, and the content knowledge that they will need to be successful on test day.

Everyone knows how competitive college admissions and scholarships are these days – this program is designed to ensure students reach their goals and have the best choice of schools possible.

See below for details on the program and score guarantee.




What To Look For

When comparing SAT summer programs, it’s important to ask some key questions in helping to make a decision, such as:

  • Does the program offer a score guarantee?  If so, do they set the baseline from an actual College Board SAT or their own (harder) test?  Crimson Review offers a score increase of 250 points or the 98th percentile, and uses only actual tests to give a true picture of student progress.
  • Does the program offer small group sizes?  Our classes have no more than 8 students in Malvern and 16 students in Wayne.
  • Does the program use only actual College Board tests (the gold standard), or do they make up their own tests?  We use only College Board tests so students know exactly what they will see on test day.
  • Does the company specialize in SAT and ACT, or do they offer lots of other tests?  Crimson Review is dedicated to these two tests, and our instructors are deep experts.  All instructors at Crimson Review scored in the 99th percentile on their own SATs.
  • Does the company have a 30+ year track record of helping students succeed?  We’ve been helping students do their best on test day since 1986.

Course Information

Course Content

The course will cover the entirety of the SAT, including:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Math
  • The Essay


Crimson Review had incorporated the latest research from educational specialists in our materials to help students learn more, faster.  We’ve broken the test down into a series of small concepts that students need to know, so that they can master the individual skills.

The curriculum includes recognizing each problem type, the strategy for getting to the right answer, and any content knowledge the student needs.  Students take frequent assessments and full-length tests to measure progress and have a chance to practice skills in a safe environment.

Course Schedule

Class days are split based on student PSAT or SAT scores (if a student has neither just let us know).  This ensures the class moves at a pace that is comfortable and appropriate for them.

For students with scores of 1000-1200

  • Classes will meet Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays commencing July 9th, with the exception of the last week, when the final class will be on Friday rather than Saturday.
  • Class times are 9am to 3pm.  There is an optional study period for students from 3pm-5pm.

For students with scores of 1200+

  • Classes will meet Mondays, Wednesday, and Fridays commencing July 8th.
  • Class times are 9am to 3pm.  There is an optional study period for students from 3pm-5pm.

If you have any questions regarding the schedule, please feel free to give us a call at 610.688.6441.

For students below 1000 on PSAT / SAT, please call to discuss your student’s specific situation in regards to this course.

Tuition and Discounts

  • Tuition is $4295, inclusive of all materials, tests, and everything else your student needs to be successful
  • $200 discount for second child
  • $150 group discount for each parent for signups of 3 or more
  • $100 referral discount for each additional family referred to the Summer Bootcamp after initial registration

Score Guarantee and Course Policies

The not-so-fine print on the score guarantee:

  • Students completing the program will increase their test scores by 250+ points or reach the 98th+ percentile
  • Score difference is from the initial diagnostic exam given by us (or previous official SAT score) to the score on an official SAT (either August 24th or October 5th, 2019 tests)
  • Students must not have previously taken a test prep program
  • Students must attend all classes and complete all assignments.  Students who know they will miss at least one class are welcome to still attend the program, but will not be eligible for the score guarantee.
  • Students who do not meet their guaranteed score will be eligible for 1-1 instruction to help them achieve their scores on a future test.
  • Students who require extended time or other accommodations for the test are welcome to take the course, but will not be eligible for the guarantee.


Course Policies

  • A $200 non-refundable deposit is required to hold a place in the course
  • Students who withdraw in the first week and return all course materials will receive a full refund minus the deposit
  • Tuition must be paid in full by the start of the course unless otherwise agreed
  • Courses require a minimum number of students to run.  Parents will be notified by May 31st if course will not be run.