SAT & ACT Test Prep Services in Ardmore, PA

For over three decades, Crimson Review’s dynamic SAT & ACT test prep tutors successfully mentored and motivated thousands of students living in the nearby Ardmore area to earn better test scores for a bright academic future. When Ardmore was settled in 1853, it was originally known as Athensville. The town’s present name came about in 1873 when the Pennsylvania Railroad renamed its station. Ardmore is home to one of the nation’s first planned shopping centers — Suburban Square.

Each year, college applications continue to raise the competitive bar for securing a spot at the nation’s top universities. Crimson Review can help students living in Ardmore with proven SAT & strategies to help maximize test-taking performance.

What is the SAT? Let Crimson Review Lead Students to Success

The SAT, along with the ACT, serves as a tool to help college admission officers analyze the student’s readiness for college by administering multiple-choice questions covering verbal reasoning, language proficiency, and mathematical proficiency. The SAT exam measures student’s skills from across the nation against a uniform scale. SAT scores range from 400 to 1600 in 10-point increments. This score comprises two section scores: one for Math, and one for Evidence-Based Reading and Writing. Each section score can range from 200 to 800.

Give your student the necessary boost with Crimson Review’s online SAT tutoring services. From group classes to private one-on-one sessions, the Crimson Review team will teach your student to thrive in the SAT testing environment.

What is the ACT? Crimson Review is Here to Simplify

Similar to the SAT the ACT is a multiple-choice entrance exam used by universities for college admission decisions. In addition to the Reading and Math sections, the ACT contains a Science section with more questions that prompt students to use skills to analyze and interpret information. The ACT math section tends to cover more basic concepts and does not account for a large portion of your score like the SAT does. The score on each ACT section is calculated by converting the raw score–the number of questions you answered correctly in a given section–to a scaled score in that 1-36 range.

Crimson Review’s online ACT tutors will help your child conquer this intimidating test with proven techniques to help solve even the most difficult questions on the exam. No two students learn the same, which is why our personalized lesson plans fit your child’s schedule and needs. From managing SAT test anxiety to reviewing mathematical formulas, and even refining essential writing skills, Crimson Review’s ACT prep curriculum covers any area impeding your student’s progress.

Online SAT & ACT Test Prep in Ardmore That Delivers Measurable Results

With a population of 13,083, Ardmore is one of the best places to live in the nearby Philadelphia area. Ardmore, PA is the oldest, largest and liveliest of the Main Line’s “downtown” neighborhoods. At just nine miles from Center City, located between Bryn Mawr and Wynnewood, residents get all the charm and convenience of the Main Line combined with the energy of young new developments. Both residents and visitors can enjoy many attractions such as breweries, retail shops, music venues, farmer’s markets, and restaurants. Students living in Ardmore will attend schools in either the Lower Merion School District or School District of Haverford Township.

Each of our talented instructors undergoes intensive training from proven methods that have withstood the test of time. Moreover, Crimson Review specifically recruits tutors who understand the ins and outs of the SAT & ACT. Our virtual team scored within the 99th percentile, so you can relax knowing students will learn from one of the top instructors in the nearby Ardmore area. We rigorously vet our ACT & SAT test prep tutors, so that we can match your child with a qualified tutor who can break down complicated concepts and transform your child into a test-taking juggernaut.

Does your child want to earn a top SAT or ACT score? Come learn from the best tutors in the nearby Main Line area. Crimson Review also instructs students living in nearby Wynnewood, Rosemont, and other towns in the West Philadelphia area. We also offer virtual services for other tests like the SSAT and ISEE Upper-Level exams. Dial (610) 688-6441 to connect with the Crimson Review tutor today.

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