SAT & ACT Test Prep Services in Gladwyne, PA

Colleges use ACT & SAT scores as a key indicator of a high school student’s potential for success at the undergraduate level. As such, Gladwyne-based students need to capture college admission officers’ attention with ACT and SAT scores ranked in the top percentile. Luckily, investing in your student’s success will help them rise to the challenge and earn scores that will improve their application at their first-choice college. Crimson Review will help your student earn the necessary scores for college admission by helping them grow into lifelong learners.

The SAT takes 3 hours and 50 minutes to complete the entire exam, including the Essay section. There are seven SAT test dates each year in August, October, November, December, March, May, and June. Today, the college admissions process is more cutthroat and competitive than ever. Despite increased competition and low-acceptance rates for top colleges across the country, Crimson Review has the tools to help high school students surpass their goals and impress college admission teams.

Crimson Review Brings Premier Online SAT & ACT Test Prep to Gladwyne, PA

Gladwyne is a suburban community in Montgomery County, located along the historic Philadelphia Main Line. Ranked the 6th richest ZIP code in the country in 2018, Gladwyne is home to a diverse demographic of families, businesses, and students. Students living in Gladwyne attend schools in the Lower Merion School District. Alternatively, some Gladwyne-based students attend nearby private schools including Baldwin School, Shipley School, and Haverford School.

For over three decades, Crimson Review has developed a refined methodology to guide college-bound students to better SAT & ACT scores. Regardless of skill level, Crimson Review understands how to pinpoint each student’s strengths and address weaknesses. Whether Gladwyne students want to prepare the SAT or ACT, Crimson Review is ready to lend a helping hand! Our evidence-based method and curriculum go beyond the standard for remote SAT & ACT test prep. These specialized programs can align with any student’s hectic schedule to ensure they learn and retain information at a comfortable pace. The secret behind our success lies in creating a comfortable learning environment, which allows students to master SAT & ACT material at a steady pace with maximum retention of content.

SAT vs. ACT: Crimson Review Breaks Down the Format

College admissions officers across the nation use both standardized tests as a tool for admitting students into a university. The SAT exam measures student’s skills from across the nation against a uniform scale. SAT scores range from 400 to 1600 in 10-point increments. This score comprises two section scores: one for Math, and one for Evidence-Based Reading and Writing. Each section score can range from 200 to 800. Many students take the SAT in their junior year and often retake it in the fall of their senior year. Meanwhile, the ACT measures high school students’ abilities in five core areas: English, Math, Reading, Science, and Writing (optional). The score for each of these areas range from 1-36 and the composite score is the average of the four areas excluding the essay. Of the two exams, the ACT has become a more widely administered college entrance exam.

Given the importance of the SAT & ACT, even top-performing students need help tackling these grueling exams. Give your student the boost he or she needs with Crimson Review’s online SAT & ACT test prep services. Having helped hundreds of students from Penn Valley and nearby Merion Station, Crimson Review can help students exceed SAT & ACT goals. We also offer services for other tests like the SSAT and ISEE Upper-Level exams. Dial (610) 688-6441 to connect with the Crimson Review tutor today.

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