Private SAT& ACT Tutors in Swarthmore PA

Many high school students struggle with stress while preparing for the SAT and ACT, and with good reason. These exams could be the difference-maker in attending your dream school and not being admitted. After more than 30 years working with students of all abilities in Swarthmore, PA and Montgomery County, Crimson Review is prepared to help all students get a leg up on the SAT, ACT, and other standardized tests. Our approach involves working one-on-one with students to develop unique studying methods and tactics. Our college test-prep experts will help your children identify their learning styles, manage time and stress, and exceed SAT and ACT goals. If you want your child to attend their dream college or university, Crimson Review can help Swarthmore students turn their goals into reality.

Crimson Review Can Teach Students To Lower Stress & Raise ACT Scores

ACT test-prep stress begins as early as freshman year for many high school students. There is a great deal of pressure to score well and get into a premier college. By reaching their goal ACT score, your high school student boosts their chances of attending some of the most competitive learning institutions in the country. Failure to hit a top-ranking score can prevent your student from embarking on their journey to higher education.

Luckily, in addition to increasing math and reading comprehension abilities, Crimson Review teaches students to manage stress and remain laser-focused during the ACT. These techniques will help your student on the day of the ACT; they’ll be able to carry their newly learned skills into college and beyond.

Personalized SAT Test Prep Experts in Swarthmore, PA

An open forum for a discussion of subject material can be an effective teaching method for certain disciplines, but when it comes to SAT prep, Crimson Review’s SAT experts prefer a personal touch. By meeting one-on-one with your child, we observe the way your student learns and can cater our tutoring methods to your student’s needs. We can observe their strengths, weaknesses, areas for improvement, and learning styles. All of this information helps us develop and roll out an individualized SAT test-prep curriculum. Not only will this approach help your student achieve appropriate SAT scores, but it will also improve your child’s mathematical problem solving, reaching comprehension, and writing skills.

Enjoy The Benefits From Crimson Review’s Test Prep & Tutoring Services

In addition to offering comprehensive private tutoring for the SAT and ACT, the Crimson Review team can also help your child construct a perfect essay. The SAT and ACT helps admission counselors evaluate a student’s academic capabilities but the college essay gives admission officers insight into your child’s unique narrative. By working with our writing tutors and college admissions’ experts, your high school student will create a compelling essay that will win over admission officers.

If you have a child in middle school looking to test into private high schools, Crimson Review can help prepare them for upcoming SSAT or ISEE exams. By meeting with our private SSAT and ISEE tutors, we can motivate your child to earn the necessary schools to get into a competitive high school.

If your student needs a push in the right direction, or just wants to refine their studying skills, give Crimson Review a call today at 610.688.6441.

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