SAT Essay Tutoring in West Chester, PA

Crimson Review is Pennsylvania’s trusted source for quality SAT essay tutoring. The essay section of the SAT underwent a drastic transformation in 2016. A new set of rules requires careful preparation, and Crimson Review is ready to help students improve their SAT essay scores.

Geared towards unlocking each student’s full potential, Crimson Review offers SAT tutoring program that addresses roadblocks hindering your student from receiving top scores. No two students are alike, which is why our private tutors will help students build a curriculum that’s customized to his or her score goals, study habits, and personality.

Decoding The SAT Essay

What was once a required component of the SAT exam is now an optional section for an additional $17.00 fee. The new 50-minute SAT essay requires students to examine an excerpted article from noteworthy publications like Time Magazine. Students then analyze stylistic, rhetorical, and logical elements of the text within a 650-800 word essay.

Two readers then read and score your student’s essay. Each scorer awards 1-4 points for each dimension: reading, analysis, and writing. After adding the two scores for each dimension, students receive three scores, one for each dimension, ranging from 2-8 points.

ACT Test Prep in West Chester and Nearby Towns

Just the mere thought of the ACT test causes a cataclysmic increase in stress levels for the typical high school student. While intimidating, higher ACT scores allow an easier entryway into the nation’s top universities. Utilizing test strategies, time management skills, and proprietary study materials, Crimson Review’s ACT test prep program releases students’ full potential. Our astute ACT tutors places your child first by delivering a self-paced ACT lesson plan that fits seamlessly into any student’s schedule.

Nurturing Better Writers and Improved Scores

From brainstorming topics and developing drafts to reviewing grammar and vocabulary, Crimson Review has a treasure trove of resources for students to take advantage of. With dedication, hard work, and practice, your student can nail all three areas of the SAT essay section.

We aren’t your average run-of-the-mill tutors. Crimson Review’s team consists of dedicated individuals with a passion for teaching and inspiring students to realize their dreams. More importantly, Crimson Review SAT tutors hold mastery in their subject areas, hailing from some of the nation’s top universities. We want to ensure that each student performs to the best of their ability, which is precisely why we have tutors who can adapt to their style and personality, bringing out the best in each student.

With two locations in Wayne and Malvern, Crimson Review can meet the needs of students across the Main Line area including Radnor, Chester Springs, and West Chester PA. Despite the complete format overhaul, the SAT essay is still very straightforward. Give us a call at 610.688.6441 to find out what we can do for your student.

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