Have questions about the program?  Please see our frequently asked questions below.  Still have questions?  Just give us a call at 610.688.6441.


Why does this SAT program work?

In short, this test prep program works because we know exactly what will appear on the SAT and can teach students strategies for every problem they will encounter. When a student sits down to take the SAT on test day, they will do so knowing exactly what they will see that day. We spend hundreds of hours each year reviewing College Board tests, white papers, and other SAT materials that we then incorporate to give our students an edge.

What makes this SAT program better than your competitors’?

Our mission is very clear: to improve each student’s test scores dramatically. Our focus and our business run solely around that principle. Each decision we make is looked at through that lens – will this help students score better on the SAT? That goes for our materials, which we have spent years refining; our SAT practice tests, which are all College Board tests (and not ones someone has just made up); and our class sizes, which are limited to at most 8 in our Malvern office and 12 in our Wayne office. Nobody else comes close to this winning combination.

What SAT test prep methodology is used for the course?

We are constantly updating both our SAT materials and instruction based on research in what really works in education. We use a combination of proven methodologies to achieve the best results with the broadest group of students. The foundation of the course is an approach called “Mastery Learning,” which provides a significant improvement over the traditional approach. For most SAT courses, a student is introduced to a topic, they are tested on it, and then the course moves on whether they have fully comprehended it or not. With Mastery Learning, students stay with a concept and are given additional instruction and other materials to help them truly master each component. It is only when they have demonstrated true understanding of the concept that they move on to the next piece.

Will my student score 1600 after taking your course?

Maybe!  No matter what their score goal is, every student in this course will sit down on test day knowing how to do everything on the test.  Students who come into the program already scoring highly on standardized test should be able to approach 1600.  However, scoring that highly requires full mastery of every concept on the test, and some students may be limited by their natural learning rate.  The test is also designed so that very few students, even the brightest, will get a perfect score.

How will I know how my student is doing in the SAT course?

Parents are provided a weekly update on each student’s progress – this includes any test or assessment scores, as well as feedback on how the student is doing overall and if they need to make any corrections to be successful in the course.

Is there additional work available on off days?

Yes, there are both optional and mandatory assignments on off days, based on each student’s SAT needs. Students can always request additional materials, and the instructor may sometimes assign additional work so students can feel confident they have truly mastered each SAT concept.

What if my student can’t make one or more of the days? Can they attend a different class day?

The SAT course is designed to be a short, intensive course of study, and each day builds off of the previous concepts. If students know they will miss one or more classes, then they are welcome to still enroll in the course, but will not be eligible for the score guarantee. For students who have planned absences, we can provide them with work ahead of time to complete so that they can keep pace.

What if my student takes the SAT with extended time?

If your student received approved for accommodations or expects to be based on a 504/IEP, they are welcome to attend the course. However, due to the structure of the classes, we unfortunately cannot give them extended time for work and practice tests during the course.

Are there discounts available?

Yes! We provide discounts for early registration, siblings, and group registrations.

  • Tuition is $3995, inclusive of all materials, tests, and everything else your student needs to be successful on the SAT
  • $200 discount for signup by February 8, $150 for signup by March 8, $100 for signup by April 8.
  • $200 discount for a second child
  • $150 group discount for each parent for signups of 3 or more
  • $100 referral discount for each additional family referred to the SAT Summer Bootcamp after initial registration

Where will the summer classes take place?

All instruction is given in our offices in Wayne and Malvern.  You can see the locations and find directions here.