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Scoring well on the ACT helps a student gain a competitive edge for college admission, improve qualifications for merit-based scholarships and financial aid, and can unlock future career opportunities. With so much riding on a single exam score, students must familiarize themselves with the content to improve testing confidence and reinforce test-taking strategies leading up to the ACT.

Since 1986, countless Crimson Review students have received acceptance letters to the most selective schools in the country, including all the Ivy League colleges. Our ACT tutors use group classes to introduce test-taking strategies and review foundational skills and knowledge, while our one-on-one sessions cover a student’s individual needs.

By enrolling in ACT tutoring with Crimson Review, students from Henderson High School, Rustin High School, and West Chester East High School can gain a deeper understanding of important underlying concepts and develop efficient problem-solving strategies for a plethora of ACT questions. Starting from Day 1, Crimson Review’s ACT tutors will help students navigate down the pathway to success through helpful study skills and reinforcing cognitive endurance.

What is the ACT?

The ACT is a multiple-choice standardized test used by universities as a key indicator for college admissions. The ACT measures a student’s aptitude and skills while attempting to predict academic success at the undergraduate level. The ACT exam includes 215 multiple-choice questions and takes approximately 3 hours and 35 minutes to complete, which includes a short break at the mid-point.

What Content Appears on the ACT?

The ACT contains four multiple-choice sections: English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science with an optional essay section. Each of the 4 ACT sections has a unique number of questions and a set time limit. Here’s the breakdown:

  1. ACT English: Students have 45 minutes to answer 75 questions covering grammar & usage, sentence structure, punctuation, organization, and writing style.
  2. ACT Mathematics: The ACT also has a shorter and more direct math section compared to the SAT. Furthermore, the ACT math section tests a wider range of concepts. Students will have 60 minutes to complete a set of 60 sections covering various levels of algebra, geometry, and trigonometry.
  3. ACT Reading: This ACT section requires students to answer 40 reading comprehension questions in 35 minutes. This section contains a diverse mix of question types including Cause-Effect, Vocabulary-in-Context, Sequence of Events, Comparative Relationships, and Main Idea-based questions.
  4. ACT Science: Lasting 35 minutes, students must harness their evaluation, analysis, reasoning, and problem-solving skills to answer 40 questions. Students will tackle a variety of question types including multiple-choice, data representation, research summaries, and conflicting viewpoint questions.
  5. ACT Writing (optional): Students are given an essay prompt and have 40 minutes to craft a well-written essay.

How is the ACT Scored?

After receiving their ACT Score Report, students can synthesize a great deal of information about their ACT performance. When opening an ACT Score Report, test-takers will notice separate scores for each multiple-choice section of the ACT, a composite score, writing scores, reporting category scores, percentile rankings at the state and national levels.

First, ACT scorers will determine the raw score by calculating the number of questions answered correctly in each subject test. Next, the raw score will convert into a scaled score for all four multiple-choice sections of the ACT (English, Reading, Math, and Science) ranging from 1 to 36. Students taking the optional ACT essay will receive a score ranging from 2 to 12.

The composite score is the average of the four subject area test scores, rounded to the nearest whole number. Your score report will also contain a percentile ranking that shows the percentage of recent test-takers whose ACT score was at or below your own.

What is a ‘Good’ ‘ACT Score?

A “good” ACT score can help a student secure a spot at a competitive college and qualify students for valuable financial aid opportunities. So a “good” SAT comes down to the school students apply to, and how it complements the rest of your application (like your GPA). If you already have an impressive college admission package with strong letters of recommendation, a high GPA, and a stellar transcript, then an ACT score in the 99th percentile may not be critical.

Despite increased competition and low-acceptance rates for top colleges across the country, Crimson Review has the tools to help high school students surpass their ACT goals and impress college admission teams. Students living in West Chester and the nearby area can reach their desired test scores by enrolling in ACT tutoring with Crimson Review. Throughout the ACT tutoring course, our tutors will familiarize each student with test content, test strategies, and time management techniques using helpful study materials.

Welcome to Crimson Review: West Chester’s Premier ACT Tutoring Center

West Chester, a quaint town located in Pennsylvania’s Brandywine Valley, is located 25 miles west of Philadelphia. With historical locations like the Lincoln Building, where Abraham Lincoln published his first biography, West Chester has earned recognition as a Distinctive Destination by the Natural Trust for Historic Preservation. Corporate headquarters within West Chester include Mars Drinks, VWR International, Synthes, and Popular tourist destinations include Brandywine Picnic Park, the American Helicopter Museum and Education Center, and downtown West Chester, which features a variety of dining and retail options, among other historical buildings.

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The ACT tutoring team at Crimson Reviews stands ready to support your student in preparation for his or her pending test. The ACT may be standardized, but that doesn’t mean a student’s test prep course should be too! From test-anxiety and time-management skills to last-minute study efforts, the Crimson Review team can tailor an ACT tutoring program to align with each student’s skills, learning style, and goals.

With professional ACT tutoring from our talented team of instructors, West Chester students are guaranteed to see a substantial increase in ACT scores. Dial (610) 688-6441 today to schedule a consultation with one of our ACT tutoring specialists at either our Wayne or Malvern location.

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