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Summer SAT Bootcamp

This summer, in addition to our 1-1 instruction and SAT Full Course, Crimson Review is hosting an SAT bootcamp.  This is an intensive, 7-week course designed to prepare students for the August 24th SAT.

Who should take this course

It is appropriate for rising juniors and seniors who want to make significant gains in their SAT scores in a short period of time.    Because of the structure of the class, students need to be able to commit to the course over the scheduled timeframe.  It is not appropriate for students who may be on vacation in July or August, or students who are not fully committed to seeing their scores go up very rapidly.

What’s involved in the course

Students will learn strategies for every type of question on the SAT.  They will practice applying these skills using mastery learning materials we have developed along with real SAT tests.  We also teach content knowledge for anywhere students might not have had a topic in their high school curriculum or just need a reminder of certain items.

How to get more information or sign up

For more information feel free to call us at 610.688.6441 or follow the link below.